Monthly Archives: June 2012


Leading online retailer A******** is now charging sales tax in many states. Not having to pay sales tax is one of the many reasons people buy online. The outcry from the bricks & mortar community is part of the reason that the government was going after you know who. While their compaint was a legitimate one now that some online retailers are charging tax it is not going to help the bricks and mortar businesses. It has only served to help the government. People who shopped online will not suddenly decide that it is cheaper to shop locally. People shop online because of the fuel prices, item prices, greater selection and the convenience of shopping from home.

Many online retailers still do not charge tax. They will be getting my business as opposed to A**** who we used to do a lot of business with.

Only 5 states do not have sales tax. As an online retailer, I know I do not want to have to report to 45 state agencies because I made a sale. The bookkeeping would be costly. We do make that much profit.

A****** was leading the fight as the biggest online retailer. It is a shame that they gave up the fight. My guess is that somebody’s price was met.