Need Cables? We’ve Got You Covered!

You may have thought that by 2015 we would have a completely wireless society. It seems as though with every new piece of technology comes a new cable along with it. Not only do we have more cables than ever, but we now also have an endless sea of adapters to connect older & newer versions of technology. Luckily, Katstar has you covered.

Some of our most popular cables are for HDMI connections. HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is the digital video standard of TV & Computers today. The quality of HDMI is excellent due to the fact that it serves uncompressed video & audio to your screen. With this new technology comes a new cable. There are a few different types of HDMI cables, the basic cable is appropriate for 720p or 1080i screens. If you have a 1080p, 4K, or 3D screen however, you will need to use a high speed HDMI cable.

If you want to send video to a screen far away from the video source, perhaps in another room, then you will need to use an HDMI extender. HDMI signals can deteriorate over longer distances, so an extender or splitter is the perfect tool for handling this job.

Another popular type of cable that we carry here at Katstar is the USB (Universal Serial Bus) cable. As its name suggests, this cable is truly universal. It can be used in computers, televisions, cameras, video games and just about any other piece of technology. Many modern computers are including fewer and fewer ports in an attempt to save space. The new 2015 Apple Macbook for example, has only one single port! For most people this is simply not enough, so if you have one of these modern laptops we highly recommend getting a USB hub to add more connections. This will allow you to easily connect a mouse, keyboard, or other peripherals to your computer.

Like the HDMI cables, there are a few different types of USB cables. Before you buy, make sure you are selecting the correct one, as the connections will be slightly different. Cameras & external hard drives often use micro-USB cables. It’s best to be sure exactly what your technical needs are before ordering, but if you’re now sure feel free to give us a call and we can talk you through it.

So if you’re in need of HDMI, USB or any other type of cable, give us a call today! We even have bulk cable packages that will cover all your needs.

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