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Cataract Surgery Sad Story

A year ago I had cataract surgery in my right eye. I am now blind in my right eye. I think the Anesthesia idiot stabbed my eye wrong and hurt the optic nerve. I say this because when I came out of surgery my eye hurt when it moved for about a week. I had left eye surgery 3 years before and did not have this problem. I kept telling them it hurt and they just ignored me. I should have received post op care and I got nothing. They tried to explain it away saying it could happen. Research shows there are very few documented cases. You have a 10 times better chance of winning the lottery then this happening. People should know what happened.

Eye surgery performed by
Dr. Howard Chen MD
Goodyear Eye Specialist
13657 McDowell Rd. Suite 209
Goodyear, AZ 85395

Eye surgery performed at
Metro surgery Center
Anesthesiologist – Dr. Dalmeida
6790 W Thunderbird Road
Peoria, AZ 85381

I would stay away from these guys.
This is true and I have put my name to it.
Frank DiLodovico
If you want more info you may contact me.

I will post more on this subject.

I have no depth perception now and my balance is affected. This has ruined my life. I curse these people every minute of every day. Every time I get hurt or walk into something. It is a constant reminder of how useless they are.