Protect Yourself

Credit verses Debit

Credit card is a better choice. They bill you and you pay. They handle disputes for unauthorized charges or problems with your purchase. If you don’t receive what you purchased or the vendor won’t refund you money you can dispute the charge and the card company will back you up.

Debit card is a bad choice. They take the money out of your account. Unauthorized charge can deplete you bank balance and you will be overdrawn. Every time a charge hits your account and you are overdrawn you get hit with a $39 fee even though the charge will not be paid. That is a hell of a price to pay for a cup of coffee. The bank doesn’t do anything to help you. You will still be responsible for the fees even if you close the account.

Use only one card online

Have a separate credit card for online use and only use this card online. Never use the card you carry in your pocket. This way your life will be simpler. We all know what it is like to have card fraud. You get to the counter and you card is declined. If you don’t have another card you are screwed and it makes you look like a fool.

I like Citibank and have used them for 30 years. They have been very reliable.